Teaching Your Child To Drive: Stress Reduction Tips For The Car

If you have a teenager who is soon approaching the driving age, then you may be concerned about your son or daughter behind the wheel of a car.  This fear is justified, because almost 300,000 teenagers are injured in car accidents each and every year.  Driving experience can greatly reduce injury risks, and a driver's education course can offer the experience and education.  Teaching some basics before the course is a good idea, and as a parent, you should do the teaching. Read More 

4 Ways To Give Your Home Daycare An Edge Ahead Of The Competition

There are many advantages to take advantage of for parents whose children attend home daycare – child to caretaker ratios tend to be low, a safe home-like environment provides little ones with extra comfort, and the cost is usually more affordable than preschool programs. Because home daycare is so popular, you shouldn't have a problem finding plenty of potential clients to tap into. But you may have to compete with other nearby providers like Star-Brite Learning Program in order to fill your roster. Read More 

Potty Training: 5 Tips To Better Prepare Your Child For Preschool

Although not all preschools require children to be potty trained, for the ones that do, it is essential that you properly prepare your child to ensure a smooth transition.  Although there are a lot of potty training methods, by implementing these 5 tips into whatever method you choose, you can be sure to keep your child consistent in the skills he or she has learned, and lessen the amount of accidents your child has when entering preschool. Read More