Tips For Transitioning Your Children From Public To Private School

If your children go to public school and you are planning to transition them to a private school, you may be wondering about the best way to do it. The transition can be difficult for some children. They aren't only going to a new school. They are going to a new school that will change the way they dress, learn, and interact. Here are some tips to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Timing is everything

If your child only has a year left in elementary or middle school, it's probably in his or her best interest to wait. Since your kid knows that he or she will be making the switch then anyway, it might go better if the timing still goes as planned. If you have multiple kids at different grade levels it can make things more difficult. If one of them has a year or so left at the current school, you could switch them all at that point. It's better to keep one child on schedule than none of them. If the others have a while before their transition, it may be better to get it over with anyway.

This could depend on the private school you are choosing too. If the private school is from Kindergarten to 12th grade, it doesn't matter as much when the transition is made. However, it wouldn't likely be in their best interest to switch schools, just to switch again a year later. Whatever you decide, make sure the school that your children switch to won't just be a placeholder until they switch again soon after. Changing schools too often can lead to depression and behavioral issues.

Attend events before the switch

Find out about community and school events for students and prospective students. Going to the events may seem like a formality, but it will make your child's transition easier. At these events, you can meet other parents who have students enrolled in the private school. Making friends with other parents will benefit your kids because you're making it easier for them to make friends. If they meet many of the students beforehand at the events and get together on play-dates afterward, they won't feel so lost in their new school.

Tour the school

There is nothing more scary than wandering the halls in an unfamiliar building. Tour the school with your children before the big day. Make sure they see all the classrooms for their grade, the cafeteria, the gymnasium, and any other room that they will be frequenting. When school starts it will be much more familiar to them and they'll be less likely to become lost.

Take them to church

If you are putting your children in a religious school, such as a catholic school, but you don't go to church regularly, it may be time to start. Religion can be confusing for children to grasp, and it's best to introduce it within the bounds of your family. This way you can talk to them and clear up any confusion that may arise. You don't want your children distracted by confusion about their religion while trying to learn other important subjects in their new school. The other children in the school are already well-acquainted with their religion. If your children aren't,  it may also cause them to feel behind the other students.

There are many different aspects to consider when you switch your child from public to private school. They might feel like they are losing a lot during the switch, including their friends, their teachers, their routine, and their own clothes. Make sure your children understand everything they have to gain. Help them make new friends beforehand, make sure they know their way around the school, and answer any questions they might have about religion.