Recommendations to Help You Choose the Right Summer Camp

Spring is nearly here and with it comes the end of the school year, summer break, and hours of free time for the kids. A summer camp is a great way to keep your child learning and interacting with others while they use their summer vacation more successfully. Here are some tips to help you choose and find the right summer camp for your child. 

Choose the Camp Type

When it comes to summer camps, there are many different types and styles in today's world, especially with access to technology and also a pandemic added into the mix. However, there are several different types of summer camps that you can pick for your child based on your expectations and their needs for a summer camp experience. 

The first summer camp is a virtual camp that your child completes via the internet or a video conference with other participants as they learn and complete STEM projects and experiments. Most virtual summer camps will use a variety of commonly found household items for the camp activities, but make sure you are prepared by collecting them in advance before each virtual summer camp class. 

You may also want your child to attend a non-virtual summer camp that is away from home at a nearby location outside, inside, or a combination of the two. A day camp allows you to drop off your child each morning and pick them up in the afternoon. However, there are also overnight camps where your child will spend several days with their campmates and instructors to make some great memories and learn a lot of new concepts and ideas.

Find the Right Theme

In addition to different types of summer camps, you can also look for the right summer camp theme in which they will study and learn about. This camp theme will usually be a subject that your child is interested in to make their camp a great experience.

For example, if your child loves STEM learning but also is interested in Minecraft, Fortnite, or Roblox, you can look around for a camp that matches their specific interests. Or, if your child is into art, you can find art-focused summer camps to help them learn and develop new knowledge in this area with hands-on projects and games. 

Keep in mind that there are a variety of camp themes from sports and STEM, but there are also camps that incorporate fun activities along with math, art, or science. So you can look for a summer camp that combines water fights and other outdoor games along with fun learning. Contact a campsite if you have questions about STEM summer learning camps or other types.