How To Get Your Kindergartener To Love Writing

Having your child write is a great way to foster creativity and encourage them to use their imagination. Good writing skills can also serve a child's reading abilities quite well. The following are some ways you can help your child improve his or her writing skills in kindergarten.

Always Have Writing Materials On Hand

To increase your child's love for writing, always have some writing materials available to them. This way, they can quickly grab what they need when they get the urge to write. These items do not have to be expensive. Go to the dollar store and purchase fun pencils and notepads, as well as crayons and markers so they can illustrate their stories.

Write With Your Child

Children always model their parent's behavior. Allowing them to see you write is another way to get them interested. Whether you are copying down a recipe or writing a short story, your child will see you writing and want to join you. When you are writing, have them join you at the table and write with you. Ask them to make a shopping list or have them make up a recipe for their favorite food. Even if it does not make sense, it will still instill the enjoyment of writing while spending quality time with you.

Practice Name Writing

Kindergarten is a transitional year for many kids. One of the first things your child will do is learn how to write his or her name. Start having your child practice writing their name as much as possible. Write it once for them on a sheet of paper, and then have them write it several times each day. To make it more fun, have your child practice their name on a marker board with colorful dry erase markers. You can also customize a fun name-writing activity for them using a printer and a sheet protector. Simply print out their name in large letters and put it inside the sheet protector. Have them write over the letters until they have mastered the process.

A kindergartner's love for writing is going to serve them well as they move forward into each grade. Using some of these methods, you will be able to instill the enjoyment of writing at a young age. You will notice that your child has an easier time with reading, comprehension, and will feel confident in their capabilities. For more tips on getting your child into writing, talk to a kindergarten like Triple R Child Care.