4 Ways Apps Can Transition Children To Preschool

Signing up your child for preschool at a place like Sammamish Montessori School is a big step and transition from their everyday life. Routines may be thrown off and children may not be used to the idea of spending so much time away from home. Instead of just making the leap, there are a number of ways you can help your child transition into the new experience. By preparing your child, you can help minimize the effects of separation anxiety, general nervousness, and any stress that may come with the new school. By using various app downloads on tablets and phones, you can transition your child and get them ready for the upcoming preschool year. With the proper preparation, it can be fun, exciting, and create lasting memories.

Children's Scheduling Apps

As your child prepares to start preschool, one of the biggest concerns may be the hours and days that they are attending. Your child may not understand the concept of weekends or weekdays yet. Help them through this process by using a scheduling app catered towards kids. Each day of the week can be customized to showcase different activities for the day. For example, on a school day, you can break down the different activities using text with accompanied images. You may have breakfast at 7 with a picture of some pancakes. The preschool image can follow at 8 with an image of a backpack or a school. As you go through each item, your child can get used to the schedule and understand when they are going to leave for school.

School Experience Apps

A preschool may include a number of new experiences that your child is not used to. A variety of app downloads can help ease into these experiences. There are dozens of simulation apps and games that recreate school experiences. For example, you can download a variety of bus riding apps. These apps go through the process of riding a bus and also teach important bus safety rules. Additional simulation apps feature packing snacks. Your child can pack a digital lunchbox to learn about healthy eating choices and various snack options for school days.

Preschool Story Apps

Use a variety of reading apps to download books that directly focus on the preschool experience. There are numerous books focused on characters going to preschool for the first time and dealing with many of the same feelings that your child may have. By downloading these books, your child can know what to expect and get excited for their first day in school. Browse through book lists featuring preschool stories to select the best options that relate to your child. A number of stories also feature illustrations of classroom activities and different school elements like desks.

Preschool Educational Apps

Preschool offers a lot of socialization and fun for children, but starting the core learning experience is another important aspect. Through a variety of educational apps, you can prepare your child for the basics of preschool. One of the more simple apps to download is an ABC app. These apps feature learning tools so your child can master the alphabet. Interactive letters and digital handwriting can help your child get a good head start before their first day of school. Additional educational apps focus on colors, shapes, and numbers. Sounds and visuals can help children recognize shapes and manually tap them on the screen. By following the same curriculum as the preschool class, your child can have enhanced learning after school and during days when school is not in session.

Every child is different, so be patient with yours as you try out different app downloads and get your child excited for the preschool experience. A number of these app downloads are free and available for all types of operating systems.